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We’ve build our reputation on excellence in machining and milling, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

What We Do


We bring over two decades of experience on the table. We have had a large amount of projects in our portfolio and are sure to make your project as good, if not better than the previous ones.


With our superior quality, we guarantee great delivery of your product. Quality control is key, from raw material inspection to final product checj, you can be sure the products will follow a strict quality control process.


We make sure to meet all deadlines. Our time management and quality control is unmatched.

About Supreme Manufacturing Group

As a full-service, customer-oriented precision machine shop, Supreme Manufacturing Group has become a leader in reverse engineering and duplication of high-quality machine components.  Supreme Manufacturing Group is best known for consistently meeting customer engineering standards while providing rapid production, stabilized quality objectives, and cost reductions for both commercial and specialized industries, such as aerospace, medical, film and television, food service, and many more.

We have learned that machining needs and requirements differ across industries and that each and every project requires a highly specialized approach. It’s what makes Supreme Manufacturing the preferred choice.

Supreme Manufacturing Group welcomes inquiries, regardless of scope and budget, from anyone, anywhere. Embedded right in the heart of Los Angeles, we are a trusted partner with our local clientele, however, distance is not a problem. With modern technology and fast, reliable shipping methods, we can offer complete confidence in our ability to deliver on our promise of unprecedented quality and service no matter your location.


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Over Two Decade of Experience

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